My Work

I believe in magic. Not only that, I believe in grand, sweeping stories that somehow manage not to be 800 pages long. When you read my work, I want you to let out breaths you didn’t know you were holding. I want your eyes to go wide. I want you to believe right along with me. Come on, let’s go on a journey.

Currently in Production

In the Twist – The first novel of The Wild Hunt. In the Twist is the story of David Shaughnessy, an ex-priest and exorcist from Ireland working as a police detective in Northern California. He’s dragged back into the magical world when an evil Dark Fae comes to town and leaves hopelessly mutilated children’s bodies in its wake. When Dallan Jaeger, lead investigator with Interpol’s Preternatural Affairs Division, shows up to take charge, David is drawn not only to the magic, but to the promise that his blood and bones have held since birth. Due from Exilium Press in March or April, 2016.

The Khafra Chronicles: Blood Poisoning – The first novel in a series about a vampire named Khafra, son of the pharaoh Khufu. In his 3000-plus years, he’s seen it all, done it all, and still finds humans and human culture endlessly fascinating. Along with his jackal ghoul Djeneret, he keeps a low profile and tries to stay out of what he sees as absurd court politics. He tries, at least, until a young street mage named Declan sweeps into his life warning him of an apocalyptic plague that will kill off the humans and vampires of LA.

Graven Names – Sixteen-year-old Keir Ophiri has been held captive by the secretive and powerful Thaumaturgic Society since he was twelve and taken from his family of priests and pacifists. Keir has a once-in-a-generation power to Summon beings from the Etheric Plane and command them to do his bidding. This makes him powerful and dangerous, and the Society would like nothing better than to control him for their own ends. However, just when they give up on taming him, they send in a young Adept named Zahar Tsado to either turn him, or kill him.

The Fair Folk – Young Leonidas Halsey is a progressive thinker in a world of rigid social hierarchies and very particular expectations–the world of Edwardian England. A chance meeting with a creature he doesn’t even believe exists begins a romance that spans worlds and wars, fighting social mores and flouting common sense along the way.


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