Book Launch Review Roundup & Retrospective

My first published novel, In the Twist, is officially out in the wild! It’s been four whole days, and I’ve been obsessively refreshing the whole interwebs, scouring for any mention of it. I am told this is normal, but I feel faintly ridiculous. But on a third hand, it’s obscenely fun. There’s something intensely magical about sharing your vision with others, and having them see it and understand it for what you meant it to be. It’s hard to even put into words the gratitude I feel when someone not only takes the time to read what I’ve written, but to then go on and commit to a review.

(PSST–I know other authors feel this way, so if you read something and like it, review! You’ll make somebody’s day. And if you read something and find it lacking, review that, too! Criticism helps. OK, so much for the PSA.)

I’ve rounded up some of the most intensely wonderful reviews that have made my heart skip with joy (seriously), and condensed them here. Hopefully, they’ll help you decide to take the plunge and read In the Twist, too.

Christina’s Bookshelf – This video review actually uses the word ‘wowza’ and how can you not love that?

Cryselle’s Bookshelf – I love the way Cryselle breaks it all down.

Joyfully Jay – Kenna stepped out of her comfort zone to read ItT and I am so grateful she did!

Despite the celebratory nature of this post, the one word that describes the whole publishing process is ‘humbling.’ I am deeply moved that my words have touched anyone, much less inspired them to write or record a review. Thank you to everyone, even those for whom the book was not exactly their cuppa. (This is really not a book that will appeal to everyone.)

Finally, I want to thank my editor Elizabetta, the brilliant cover artist Natasha Snow, and the whole team at Nine Star Press for making this novel the best it could be. You’re all wonderful!



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