Face the Music and Dance

If you, as a writer, had stats like this, would you hide them?

User Subscriptions:58


Comment Threads:310



Word Count:176352


That’s just shy of 50,000 hits on my published works of fan-fiction at ArchiveofOurOwn.org. That’s almost a thousand people subscribing to my work so they never miss an update to their favorite story. That’s 310 separate people who liked my work enough to bother to comment on it, and almost 3,000 who liked it enough to give me kudos.

That ain’t nothing, folks.

On top of that, I’ve been writing professionally for twenty years, producing page after page of copy for every conceivable platform and audience. Thousands of pages of work and experience. Millions of eyeballs on words that I’ve written.

And yet there’s still immense blowback from mentioning that you write, or have written, fan-fiction. As a marketer by trade, I don’t understand this, and here’s why: Those stats demonstrate that I can create an audience for my work, that I can engage and keep them chapter after chapter, and that they are passionate enough about my work to review it. Would you turn your nose up at thousands of positive reviews?

I’ve recently started to include my fanfic stats in query letters to agents. I’ll let you all know how that goes, but until I have some feedback, what are your thoughts?


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